NYTimes - Jayson Musson

Worked as creative producer, assistant director, and lead editor on a fine art sitcom (!) created by genius artist/musician/writer Jayson Musson, who also stars and directs. The three-episode “His History of Art” series is now on display at the Fabric Workshop Museum in Philadelphia along with an exhibit of sets, costumes, props and other ephemera from the show. Also see: The Adventures of Jamel and the video installation Easternsports!

Read the NYTimes write up here!

Whitney Biennial 2022

Recently finished up a huge project for artist / filmmaker Alex Da Corte: an hour long film titled “ROY G BIV” for the 2022 Whitney Biennial in New York. Many years in the making, the film is set inside a recreation of the Brancusi gallery room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and features amazing costume design, set design, prosthetics work, and VFX. I served as a producer and assistant director on this from the earliest stages of pre-production to delivery.

In the New York Times’ review of the Biennial: “Every Biennial produces at least one audience favorite, often a video. The Da Corte piece — funny, creepy, lushly produced — is a natural candidate.”

Tierra Whack - “DORA” Video

Remotely produced and edited this Tierra Whack music video for director Alex Da Corte! We made it in the depths of lockdown a few months ago and it just premiered. The 3D avatar (scanned  and modeled by Tim Rusterholz and animated by many others) allowed us to make this with minimal in-person contact. Great write-ups in FADER, Variety, Pitchfork, NME, Complex, and more!

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